About us

In this age of increasing globalization when everything seems to have been done, we like to take the time to listen and watch carefully to find unique subjects, as well as, original participants that will draw the attention of a diversified audience. Our themes are often unconventional; yet, through the closeness to our protagonists we address personal issues that enable the viewer to identify with these individuals, and ultimately with the foreign culture or unfamiliar circumstances.

We believe that authenticity, a sensitive approach, and a solid research are the foundation to a universal storytelling for a broad audience. Our goal is not to oppose “ourselves” to the “other,” whether the “other” might live in a foreign country, or next door. Rather, it is to encourage a better dialogue between fellow human beings, and a greater respect and understanding for our cultural, social, or existential differences.


Our training in ethnography is a great influence in the way we approach our “socio-cultural” themes. For us, it is important to be well acquainted with our participants, have responsible research methods, and especially, to keep in mind the topic's own socio-cultural context.


An effective storytelling is the backbone of a successful film. Without neglecting the authenticity of the story and the characters, we look for a compelling narrative that will lead the spectator’s attention throughout the film.


Since we are coming from photography, we consider the visual aspect a significant part of the storytelling and the esthetic appeal of primordial importance.




Commercials, Promotional and Industry Films:

In addition to documentaries, we do commercials, industry and promotional films.



Project Developments:


im.puls has also been involved in several project developments for the SWR TV, as well as the Expo 2000.



We provide post-production services such as editing, DVD authoring, color correction, postproduction consultancy etc...



Training Courses

Georg Schmitt has been teaching Final Cut Pro for many years at the Media HdM in Stuttgart and at the Film Academy in Ludwigsburg. He also gives private, as well as
group seminars.