Series: Basic Values Today

26 Minuten

Producer, TV Station:
SWF Baden-Baden
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg

Katholische Erwachsenen Bildung
Gundwerte Heute; Lebenswert


“I am a precious paraplegic,” says Axel while insisting on making the bed himself as he swiftly falls out of the wheelchair, crawling on the bed. “I need for everything three times the time as anyone else, but normally, I also have to do it.”
Axel lives alone and does everything himself, shopping, cleaning, washing - all the household tasks.

Axel surprises his surrounding by the energy and pep that he radiates.
He says: "driving a wheelchair is fun, especially if you race!"
The inhabitants of the small village Speyer, where he lives, have gotten used to him.

However, he also knows phases of deep depression that he acquired along with the wheelchair. But also some self-esteem that he developed only after being handicapped. According to Axel "The stronger one has a moral duty to help the weaker." Then he adds that if he would be shy every time while asking for help, he might as well give up. "They have to help me," he says, "and that’s ok since I give them a chance for a good action!"


Filmschau Baden-Württemberg

Writer and Director

Georg Schmitt und Pia Liedel

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