Ayurveda in South India


Infomercial 16 minutes



Shree Shankara Ayurvedashala



Ayurveda is a holistic health system that combines herbal treatment, Yoga and nutrition.
The roots of this ancient therapy that is called the “knowledge of long life,” are found in the Indian southwestern state of Kerala.
In the hill areas of the region, a diversity of medicinal herbs in their unique biodiversity can be found.
However, tourist tour providers have realized the commercial potential of Ayurveda, and thereby have degraded the science into merely body massage and wellness.
For this reason, it is important to distinguish these wellness centers from legitimate ayurveda institutions such as Shree Shankara clinic, which manufactures medicines from traditional recipes.
In the year 1998, the clinic received a price from the Indian government for authentic Ayurveda. Through this film, the audience gets an idea of the treatments and the teachings of Ayurveda in a traditional establishment.



Georg Schmitt and Pia Liedel

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