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FAO, the UN Food and Agriculture

Presented in Kyoto
at the World Water Day



Fresh water’s diverse and competing uses make it both a social and an economic commodity. However, within communities and households, we raise the question on who benefits from it, and how?
Who makes the decisions about how water will be used, and by whom?
Answering these questions is key to understanding the ways in which people and water interact. And this is important for informing agricultural policy and planning to strengthen household food security and livelihoods.

How can decision-makers and planners promote the sustainable use of freshwater in ways that address the diverse interests in rural communities? Through its experience, FAO has found that one way forward is to build the capacity of water resource managers and decision-makers to better assess and consider the different freshwater needs and constraints within rural households. Our goal is to promote planning methods that bring people together to identify and discuss their freshwater needs and constraints.
(Text by FAO)


Pia Liedel und Georg Schmitt


Pia Liedel und Georg Schmitt

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