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Expo 2000
Environmental hall
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Expo 2000 GmbH
GTZ Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit
Filmakademie Baden Württemberg
HAF Holzabsatzfonds
WWF World Wildlife Fund


The audience leaves the hallways (water area) and enters the forest area.
The forest is abstract, not figurative nature. It is a place of discovery and sensual haptic experience.
Forest impressions rotate on giant drums reminding of theatre backdrops.
Further inside, there is a sculpture made with monitors on which international development projects are presented.
Now, the visitor enters a glade in the forest where a film on sustainable forrestation is shown. English, as well as German narration areas are audible in different locations.
While leaving the place, the attention of the audience gets drawn to loud sounds from the sidewalls. The light atmosphere changes dramatically. The sidewalls no longer show forest impressions, but the whole place seems to be on fire. A forest fire has broke out!

If you continue walking, you can see a screen in the foliage of a tree that shows a film on bio-mass production. From little speakers in the trees, we can hear unusual forest sounds.
The visitor has now the possibility to leave the main track and enter another glade.
To the right side, there is a sculpture of an innovative wooden construction. There, one can watch two films: One on visionary wood constructions and one on the product-cycle wood.

Film concepts

Pia Liedel, Georg Schmitt

Koncept and Architektur

Atelier Br├╝ckner

Art director

Pia Liedel and Georg Schmitt

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