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GTZ Society for Technical Cooperation,

BMZ, Minitstry for Cooperation,

WWF World Wildlife Fonds,

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With the example of 5 international projects (4 GTZ / 1 WWF) we show future approaches and methods for sustainable forestry.
Those projects assist the balanced use of eco systems, protection of biodiversity, as well as, social and forest-economical sustainability.
The key concepts are:
Nature conservation through the awareness of the population for the forest habitat.
Education on environmental issues through the instruction of the inhabitants in agro- development.
Our approach is: „use to protect“ which promotes sustainable forestry, and ecotourism.
The projects are meant to be links between the population and government offices.

Dominican Republic / GTZ

Project "Integrated Development of Dry Forest Management Bosque Seco"

Gabon / GTZ

Project " Rehabilitation of the National College for Waters and Forestry"

Nepal / GTZ

Self-responsable use and cultivation of the hill forests through the local population of the Churia mountains.

Madagascar / GTZ

Project "Integrated Forestry Development in the Vakinankaratra Region"

Uganda / WWF

Project "Bwindi Impenetrable National Park"


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