Kushti -

Wrestling into Power

43 / 56 minutes

Producer/ Broadcaster:
im.puls Filmproduction
SWR / Länder Menschen Abenteuer
Arte / Terres d´Ailleures

MFG Medien und Filmgesellschaft


Earth wrestling has been practiced in India for thousands of years and is still performed today under the name of “Kushti.” This form of wrestling is not only a hard physical discipline, but a demanding life-style in itself.
Muna is 18 years old and dreams of becoming a champion like his forefathers. He belongs to the Yadav caste, which in the Varanasi area, has traditionally been involved in wrestling.
While following Muna on a journey into the fascinating world of Indian wresting, we will meet an array of remarkable individuals. On a personal level, we accompany Munna’s efforts and challenges on the way to accomplishing his dream.
This film will show how wrestling brings together a diversity of topics with colorful backdrops. While it addresses some profound and serious issues, it keeps a light and humoristic approach.

Writers and directors

Georg Schmitt and Vera Perrone

Executive Producer

Georg Schmitt

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